Bruce Wayne aka the Batman is the protector of Gotham City and founding member of the Justice League of Avengers.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born to the wealthy philanthropist Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha. Once while playing in the grassy fields behind their manner Bruce fell through a sinkhole into a large cavern beneath the manner, by the time they pulled him out Bruce had gained a fear of the bats that lived in the cave. Bruce's life changed forever one Christmas when his parents were killed in a senseless mugging while walking home from the movies. In his grief Bruce swore to dedicate his life to make sure no one else would suffer like he suffered.

the Dark Knight Strikes Edit

Originaly planing to join the police, he instead decided to become a vigilante when he found certain parts of the law to be too cumbersome. Inspired by his childhood nightmare Bruce chose to fight crime in the guise of a large bat and thus the Batman was born